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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Technology Giveth, Taketh Away

Blurred communication at speeds of light,
Unites the willing with a narrow mind.
Eyes extend past the scope of Nature’s might;
Awesome vision to the happily blind.

In sheltered comfort, blissfully confined,
Stifled by the absence of outside air.
Rural independence is left behind,
Hoisted up off the Earth, without a care.

Perchance–achieve the ideal, if we dare;
Perfect the Cure, reach a place of pure grace.
Perhaps–we’re doomed to dig our own despair;
Perfect the Bomb, efface the human race.

Though all of us can find cause to protest,
To muddle along is what we do best.

(c) 2008 


  1. You are an amazing man. Hopefully we will be able to collaborate one day.